Outlive Yourself Foundation supports the mission of Southwest Transplant Alliance. On Saturday, August 3, 2019, a gunman opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, TX, killing 22 people and wounding 24 others. Southwest Transplant Alliance has a regional office in El Paso. 

At Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA), we are the helpers. We help create the bridge between an organ donor and a transplant recipient. We help families understand the critical need for organ donation. We help register members of the community to become organ donors. We help people in their darkest times.

In the aftermath of a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart, STA team members from Dallas traveled to El Paso to help. These STA employees quickly arrived to provide care, comfort, and any immediate needs they could to hospital partners, fellow STA team members, and the community. In this dark time for members of the El Paso community, they did their best to offer hope.

Doug Butler, VP of Clinical Services said, “We were able to help a little bit. The community was incredible and handled the situation with care and pride. It’s an awful thing and was very sad to see families and the community suffering off a senseless violent act.”

STA staff in El Paso, TX after the tragedy at Walmart.

Cyndi Chavez, a Hospital Care Coordinator in El Paso reflected on this time as well: “I was born and raised in Cuidad Juarez and have called El Paso home for over 40 years. Shock, fear and sadness flooded over me, but those emotions had to be put on hold as we needed to help our community. Calls were made to our two trauma hospitals where all the injured were being taken, we checked on our colleagues and friends and saw that they too had put their emotions on hold. And I saw firsthand how all the drills and preparations made, in the event of a disaster or terrorist attack came together. My beloved El Paso was prepared, we got the job done – each one of us made a difference on August 3 and the days that have followed. I couldn’t be prouder of my people, my neighbors, my community.  And seeing a team of our Dallas colleagues walk into our El Paso office was priceless – it reinforced that we are one TEAM, one FAMILY, and we are #ELPASOSTRONG!”

Aubrie Butler, a Dallas-based Hospital Service Coordinator remarked, “It was one of the most beautiful, moving, powerful experiences I have ever been a part of. The city of El Paso is strong, loving and will come out stronger in the face of tragedy. Sun City, I am forever united with you and will continue to love and support our El Paso team, the community and will remain #ElPasoStrong.”

Southwest Transplant Alliance would like to thank each and every team member for pulling together during this critical time. We are all #ElPasoStrong.

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