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UNT Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Hosted a Fundraiser for Outlive Yourself Foundation (and there were dogs!)

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I have been a longtime supporter of the Outlive Yourself Foundation and recently held a week-long fundraiser with my brothers at Delta Sigma Phi at the University of North Texas to benefit the foundation. Our fraternity puts together the “Doggy Days Philanthropy Week” once a year to help raise money for our chosen non-profit foundation. My brothers and I chose the Outlive Yourself Foundation because of my wonderful experience with the foundation in the past, my persistent battle with organ transplants, and the foundation’s phenomenal mission of enhancing lives affected by organ donation.

I have had two kidney transplants and am currently waiting for a third. I have worked closely with the Outlive Yourself Foundation for many years; in fact, last year, my mother was given the “Outlive Yourself Award” for donating her kidney to me. When the rest of the fraternity learned about my story, they immediately wanted the foundation to be the beneficiary of Doggy Days.

Doggy Days included six different events: “Bid Night”, a retweet contest, “Penny Wars”, a giveback night at Mellow Mushroom, “Field Day”, and the “Doggy Fashion Show.” Doggy Days had five different sororities that participated in the week’s events: two Delta Gamma teams, Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Pi Beta Phi. At the beginning of the week each team chose a theme ranging from Luau to Western to Circus and more.

The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi set up a booth on campus for “Penny Wars” where each team would have a designated jar and the team with the most money in their jar received the most points. There was a “Giveback Night” at Mellow Mushroom where 15% of the tickets was donated to the Outlive Yourself Foundation. In the retweet contest, each team took a picture related to their theme, the pictures were posted on our fraternity’s twitter handle, and the team with the most retweets received the most points. “Field Day” was an event at the Delta Sigma Phi house that had a watermelon eating contest and a Tug-of-War tournament where each team was able to earn more points.

The final event was the “Doggy Fashion Show.” In this event each team made cookies and designed a dog bowl based on their theme.

Next, each team would dress up their dog in accordance with their chosen theme, and the dogs would put on a fashion show. Each costume was judged allowing the opportunity for more points. After all the points were added up and the results were in, and the circus-themed folks of Delta Gamma were the victors! Thanks to everyone who participated!

-Nick Bacino

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