We spoke to the creative team behind the Outlive Yourself Foundation’s unique (and award-winning!) logo.

When the Outlive Yourself Foundation was created last fall by Southwest Transplant Alliance,  Foundation leadership turned to a trusted partner to create the new logo – the creative geniuses at Firehouse, a Dallas-based full-service marketing agency. Firehouse Partner, Steve Smith, serves as Advisory Board Chair for Outlive Yourself Foundation, and he personally worked on the logo creation with Jason Heatherly, Associate Creative Director.

The Firehouse creative geniuses: Jason Heatherly, Associate Creative Director & Steve Smith, Partner

In March, Firehouse was recognized with an Addy Award for Public Service Collateral for the Outlive Yourself logo. Addys are awarded by the American Advertising Federation of Dallas, the oldest civic organization in Dallas and the representative of all facets of the advertising industry in the area for over 100 years.

We recently caught up with Steve and Jason to talk about the inspiration behind the award-winning Outlive Yourself Foundation logo and why it was meaningful to win an award for this particular piece of work.

OYF: Tell us about the creation of the Outlive Yourself Foundation logo

STEVE SMITH, Partner: The charge was to create a brand ID for a new non-profit while building on the tradition and legacy of Taylor’s Gift.  [note: Taylor’s Gift was a nonprofit founded in 2010 by the Storch family after their daughter Taylor became an organ donor. Today, the leadership from Taylor’s Gift is part of the Outlive Yourself Foundation].

JASON HEATHERLY, Associate Creative Director: For any good logo, when we go into it, we are thinking how can we tell a story or communicate an idea in the simplest way, and sometimes those stories are very complicated. Ultimately we were looking for a human and emotional connection for everyone who interacts with the brand.

OYF: What is the story you were trying to tell with this logo?

JASON: The fingerprints that are part of the logo, represent the two individuals involved in organ donation and transplantation – the transplant recipient and the organ donor – and we brought those two individuals together to create this one heart. There’s really no better way to represent an individual than by their thumbprint, and we wanted to bring those individuals together to make the one thing that drives everybody and every emotion – the heart.

The heart represents life, hope and love.

STEVE: The highest calling for the Outlive Yourself Foundation is honoring and supporting the gift of life. We wanted everyone who interacts with the Foundation to feel emotion when they see the logo.

The Addy Award for Public Service Collateral, honoring the Outlive Yourself Foundation logo.

OYF: Congratulations on the Addy Award! This is like receiving an Oscar, right?

STEVE: Oh, absolutely. The category was “Public Service Collateral,” so we competed not just with brand identity, but with all kinds of collateral in the public service category. Recognition at the gold level means that this project will advance to regional and national awards as well. So, we aren’t finished yet.

OYF: What does the “Outlive Yourself” spirit mean to you?

STEVE: It’s a very powerful concept. I mean, it’s very functional in a way when it comes to organ donation because, very clearly, your organs can live on and help somebody else live on. But the “Outlive Yourself” spirit is much bigger than that – it’s really about ALL the ways that people can make a lasting contribution that’s bigger than even their own lifetime. I think it’s rooted very much in organ donation, but I *hope* that we’ll be able to migrate it to something much larger.

JASON: I have never presented a logo and brought the room to tears. Everyone is very excited about the “Outlive Yourself” purpose and path. It means a lot to be able to create something that represents gifting life. I think that’s why we were so excited for the award. The fact that we moved people who aren’t as close to the organization and message yet, is so rewarding.


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You can find out more about the team at Firehouse on their website or on Facebook.